Inky (adopted)

Inky (adopted)
What a differnce 5 weeks can make!
5 weeks ago these bundles of joy had the worst start in life, dumped on a remote track, left to die….. but they were found by some lovely ladies who cared enough to pick them up and find help for them, as well as generously donating the money for their many needs……..over 500 euro so far, raising pups without their mum costs a lot!
Anyway, with the help of Nita Menezes and Julia we got through the exausting first 2 weeks, 3 hourly feeds night and day… it is easier but they are starting to get a lot more active but now they start to show their personality.
Gracey…..what a cutie…..she is a big cuddly teddy bear of a dog, loves her food and is always first at the door to get out and get her food!
Woody…..a lovely boy, loves his cuddles and also loves his food!
Hank…..or hunky Hank as I call him….such a charmer…loves his food , usually right next to Gracies eager to get the food first!(can you see a theme running through this post????), he is a lovely chunky boy….so cuddly
Basil……a bit quieter than the others but a charmer, loves his food……again a cuddly little boy with a bit of a terrier look to his face….
Hebe….such a pretty little girl. A lot quieter than the others, she is so sweet. She likes her food too but she eats slower than the others, very ladylike! She is smaller than the others but a stunner…
Inky….he is a quieter one and slower to eat but he will catch up with his brothers i am sure….such a cutie
Oreo…..again a charmer….very forward, probably the most forward of all 7 of the pups……he is wonderful
So there you have it…….7 abandonded pups, left out on a track to die but some callous person….and no doubt some poor frantic mum dog so sad and upset to be loosing her pups so soon after she gave birth (they still had unbillical cords on so estimated at 2 days)….but fate was to be kind to them on that day and they were found soon after being dumped so that gave them a chance….
Bottle fed pups grow to be such loving dogs, these precious dogs will make fantastic members of their families, they just need to find their forever homes here on this website……dont hang about these beauties will be snapped up.
It is also appreciated if you would like to contribute to their ongoing care, donations can be made through the usual way shown on the website of the Souda shelter……vaccinations are the next step as well as food to continue to grow these puppies and get them ready for the next stage in their lives which will hopefully be getting to their new families…