Kity (Kitty, adopted)

Kity (Kitty, adopted)

Update 11.05.2022:

Kitty at home in Austria♥️

Update 14.02.2022:

Kalimera from Crete!!
Kitty is doing fine at the moment; she’s adjusting to sleeping in-house, learning to poop out-house and a whole lot of resting!
Yesterday I started with the first exercises, some massage and stretching, TENS for pain-relief, a strict resting-policy with enough and proper movement in between rest!
We’re still searching for adequate food, low in caloric density and low but adequate calcium (most dry-food is way to high in both).
I’ll keep you posted!
You can also follow Kitty’s progress on Animal Rehabilitation Crete
Enjoy your weekend! My advice is to take your dog for a long walk, healthy for the dog and yourself!!


Update 10.2.2022:

Late last night Vincent, our physical therapist, and Kitty returned ♥️
Diagnosis from the University:
Hip dysplasia bilateral (subluxated femoral heads).
Medial and lateral patellar luxation 1st degree on the left leg.
Medial patellar luxation 1st degree on the right leg.
– Guidelines:
1) Restraint of physical activity (no running, no jumping, walk with a short leash) for the rest of her life.
2) Retain the body weight in the proper level.
3) Swimming in the sea, but be very careful about walking in the sand. It will be better if you carry her in your arms.
4) It is better to wait until she is fully grown (approximately 16-18 months) and exam her once more.
Vincent has been hired by The Souda Shelter Project to take over the care of Kitty.
She has gone to live with him from last night and for one month for starters. What a lucky girl!

Update 8.2.2022:

Early this morning, our physical therapist Vincent Hoogstad boarded a plane to Thessaloniki with our baby girl Kitty.
Kitty suffers from a very bad case of dysplasia. She will need surgery most certainly if not hip replacement for both hips.
We contacted one of the most competent professors of the Veterinary University of Thessaloniki.
He will see her today. He has suggested we NOT operate yet until she is at least 15 months of age unless unavoidable.
Today she will have a very thorough check up.
She will be back with Vincent tomorrow.
Kitty’s case begins. Thank you so very much to everyone who donated to this cause. We have not covered all of the expenses yet but we also do not know how costly her surgery/therapy might run us.
We will keep you posted.
Good luck Kitty, thank you Vincent ❤

Update 24.11.2021:

I didn’t know how special she was till Sunday.
Sunday Kitty put her front paws on the fence and a stray piece of wire stabbed her right through her foot. She screamed and we all came running, unhooked her foot from the fence and rushed her to the vet.
At the vet I didn’t need to hold her.
At all.
The vet washed it and picked it and prodded it and she sat, looking at him with all the trust in the world, her foot in the air.
This is a people dog.
She is a people dog already at six months.
As an adult dog, she will read minds.
Adopt Kitty, an animal that is here just for you, completely ♥️
Her story:

Kity, a beautiful girl, was born on 21.5.2021. She is  sister of Kasy and Kory and with her elegance will certainly be the show of the town.