Update 17.1.2023:

Soraya is a shy girl who won´t let strangers pet her, but as soon as she gets to know someone she enjoys belly rubs and just being with that person. I´m sure she would love nothing more than to snuggle up to her human on the couch while watching TV.

She enjoys the company of other dogs and she´s very playful.

She sometimes needs a little time to warm up with other female dogs, but once they´ve become buddies she adores them.

Soraya would benefit from another dog in the household on whom she could base her own development.

Because she´s very sensitive and reacts to loud noises and fast movements a home without (small) children would be good for her.

Update 24.3.2022:

Isn’t Soraya beautiful?

Her story:

Soraya is the beautiful momma of our three musketeers Athos, Porthos and Aramis. She was born in 2019.

Our beautiful Soraya was saved from a life on the chain!

The first weeks at the shelter she wouldn’t even look at us, human touch was nothing she could enjoy.

Over the last couple of weeks she made an amazing progress.

Running and playing with the other dogs gave her some confidence and she´s gaining more courage with each passing day.

For our Soraya we are looking for people with sensitivity, patience and understanding.

Soraya is very social with other dogs and would benefit from a home where there is already another dog to show her what life in a real family is all about.