Estelle (adopted)

Estelle (adopted)

Estelle looks a bit skinny but her eyes are shinning! Look how happy she is!  She was born on 30.6.2019.

When the staff arrived at the shelter one morning they found Estelle tied to the fence.

Most likely she was abandoned there together with two other dogs, but they must have escaped sometime during the night/morning time, because only two empty collar were found…

When we took her in Estelle was in very bad condition.

She was very underweight and had severe skin problems.

A blood test confirmed what we already feared: Estelle is Leishmania positive.

We started her treatment right away and after a couple of weeks she became a different dog.

Estelle gained a healthy weight and her skin healed.

Finally she is able to show her great character.

A friendly, cheerful and goofy girl.

Wonderful with people and great with other dogs.

Estelle´s an absolute joy!

Give a dog with Leishmania a chance and open your home to this gorgeous girl!