Kimbie (adopted)

Kimbie (adopted)


Kimbie is now safe in her momma’s arms.
No more fear. No more uncertainty.
Peace and love.
❤️Good luck baby Kimbie!


Her story:

Kimbie is the one on the left. In the center is Olive and Cappucino on the right.

God help us…seven new babies to add to our family.
“We didn’t want to just leave them to you at night, please take them…”
And so we did.
Again, its:
isolation, special nutritious puppy food, wormer, flea and tick, wait a few days checking poop, first vaccination, again wormer, blood work, microchip, second vaccination, passports and …. a home to go to.
Piece of cake…ha!
Give us a hand, when you can, whether it is to come and help clean puppy poop or to stop by with a bag of super premium puppy food. Whether it is to sponsor a vaccination schedule or to give one of these lucky ones a home.
We appreciate anything you have to offer, just as long as it isn’t more puppies….thanks!