Argyro (adopted)

Argyro (adopted)

Upadte: Argyro is adopted in Germany.

Dear Liz & the Souda Shelter Team,
to show you how much worth your work is I send you some new pictures of one of your girls.
Eleni (aka Argyro) lives with us since three months and we are glad that we got the absolut most beautiful and loveable dog in the world. ❤❤❤
I hope that a many, many other dogs will have the chance to find their families. ?
You are indispensable!
Kisses from Cologne

 ELENI (aka ARGYRO) has landed in our life. One of the best decisions we’ve ever made. I found our that she got a map of Crete on her belly. ???
Thank you, Souda Shelter, for everthing you do. Wish you all the best! ??











Her story:

Argyro , about 8 month, female, and a Griffin Canis mix. She is very smart and friendly with all.

Today Tatyana and myself spent shelter ‘after hours’ fixing a new couch for Samson.

My eye caught a flatbed truck with a dog crate in the back cruising slowly outside of the shelter. I ran to the door to ask if I could help. The driver at first attempted to ignore me and slowly drive away but I shouted to him to please wait, all while taking down his license plate.

When I got outside the man explained to me that the dog in the back of his truck was thrown onto his property but he could not keep her because she was chasing his chickens.

I asked him why he chose to come at this time of day and if he had intentions of abandoning the animal. He insisted that he did not. When I looked into the travel box I saw this little beauty, gave the old man a proper scolding and with Niko and Taty’s help, admitted the little girl.

Her name is Argyro (Ar -yee-ro).

But we’ll call her Argie.

She is approximately 8 months old.