Jared (adopted)

Jared (adopted)

Jared is about 3 years old (2016) and very friendly to everybody.

Jared is a truely handsome boy!
Jared, January 2020
He has a beautiful three-coloured coat

His story:

Maria from Maria’s Cathouse doesn’t just keep to her cats…

Day 1 “Elizabeth, there’s this dog at our coffee shop on the main road to the airport, can we do something?”

(Elizabeth ignoring)…

Day 2 “Elizabeth, the dog has been hit by a car but not seriously injured, they’ve tied him up behind the shop is there something we could do?” (Elizabeth humming and looking around)

This morning “Elizabeth I’ve taken photos of the animal to post, poor thing he looks so sad”….

“Ggrrr, bring him in Maria..“.

“REALLY?” and in 5 seconds flat I get this photo…

Do us a favor Maria, stick to cats…

Jared, on his way to the shelter…December 2019
Maria: ” He was really sad. Maybe he realized he was abandoned “