Takis (adopted)

Takis (adopted)
Takis goes swimming in Denmark!

This video will surely cool you off and make you smile!Takis Theodorakis in Denmark❤️

Julkaissut Elizabeth Iliakis Keskiviikkona 1. heinäkuuta 2020

Everyone knows him.
Everyone adores him.
He took over the position of Public Relations Director of the Souda Shelter Project and ran it like a boss.

But it was time for him to go.
To live his life to the fullest and be the apple of that special person’s eye. Our Takis is now officially a citizen of Denmark.

And who is the special lady who adopted him? Our very own Anna F., an exceptional animal lover. I met Anna years back when she had fostered an extremely difficult case. She stuck by him and weathered thru all of the problems. Takis could not have gone to a more loving young lady.

Good luck and good life Takis. You left some really big shoes to fill here at the shelter. We will always love you.
His story:
Takis is loved by everyone – staff and visitors.
Takis is a small dog with a big personality. He loves attention.

Our trusted volunteer Steve Bull, (renovating the shelter one door at a time, one fence at a time, one pen at a time) along with mafia hitman, Takis. Love these guys❤️
(BTW you can also volunteer if you like repairing and painting things; just let us know)
December 2019

Takis is loved by everyone – staff and visitors – but he is leishmaniosis positive. This probably makes people shy away from him. He doesn’t show any symptoms – on the contrary: He is a Jack-of-all-trades. He gets his treatment now. If interested, please read for further information read our leishmaniosis page. Here you’ll read the stories of other dogs with leishmania.

This little, friendly and outgoing guy deserves a great home.

He knows where the action is and is right in the middle. Greets every visitor. He would be the perfect dog for agilty. Small Takis is no couch potato.

Takis – though one of the smallest dogs at the shelter – is a bit dominant. So in his new family it would be best if there are no very small children and no dominant dogs. He loves to play with other dogs and is out on the big space in the centre of the shelter with other dogs every day. It’s just that he loves and graves much needed attention.

Taki is sitting in the travel boxes cause Taki wants a home.
Give Taki a home.
Be a part of the dream come true.
Adopt Taki today.
Let’s give him a good reason to be in a travel box!
November 2019
Takis in action

Now almost carefree…

Takis and Artie – The Blues Brother or Partners in Crime 😉
October 2019, with visitors
Cute Takis

His story:

His story:

He was found and taken to the vet: “Hello! We found this great little dog outside our hotel in Maleme on Monday evening, in great pain as one of the ears was very badly infected. We bought the dog to a vet in Chania where he is being treated but the problem is that our holiday is over and we are leaving tomorrow. We have been in touch with Elisabeth and the Platanias authorities and we really hope this brave little one finds an excellent and loving home very soon. He is extremely well behaving and very good with children and I truly hope he will recover soon and find a place to live. A special thanks for Elizabeth and her team for the visit to the shelter on Tuesday. “