Durney (adopted)

Durney (adopted)


December 2020

The first days in his new home in the UK.

He found the toy box.
Starting to accept his brother .

His story:

September 2019, Durney

Durney is now growing up in a foster home. Let’s keep fingers crossed that he’ll master the first weeks. “Durney” is his name…Helen Durney was the illustrator of Dumbo.

Yesterday we visited our friend Mrs. Crystalenia at the municipal nursing home. For those who don’t remember, a couple of years back Mrs. Crystalenia refused to go to the nursing home till she found a home for her dog, Oscar. As she explained when I first met her, she and her husband did not have the fortune of having children. Her dog was her child and she loved him like so.
We received a phone call about her case and within a few hours of advertising it, are friends David and Clare made him their own and Mrs. C went off to live at the nursing home.
Yesterday was one of our visits to her which both Clare and I enjoy so much.
Mrs. C is now 90 and looks better than ever. She was very happy to see her boy Oscar looking so great.
She asked Clare where David was. And blessed us with all of her heart for not forgetting her.
She also confirmed Oscar ‘s age stating that he came to her in the summer of 94, which makes Oscar a 25 year old dog. Possibly the oldest dog in Europe.

Mrs. C and Oskar

Durney was there too.
Fresh out the box, making people smile.

The municipal nursing home is one of our next projects.

Durney at the vet with his foster mom for his second vaccination. October 2019