5 puppies (adopted)

5 puppies (adopted)

Oktober 2019:

They are growing into still small cute, little, playful puppies. Now they are about 12 weeks and can be adopted abroad with 16 weeks.

Cuteness overload… Okrober 2019
They are not that shy as they look. They are already used to visitors. Visitors love to go inside their area and play with them.

Update: 30.September 2019

One puppy died.


Their history: These puppies were brought to the shelter on the 31.August 2019.

Life for unvaccinated puppies in a shelter is very dangerous. Puppies need 3 vaccinations to be protected – 2 is not enough and this takes weeks. Parvo is a highly contagious virus and kills many puppies sometimes within 24 hours! This is why we prefer to bring up the puppies in a foster home. Not only do they grow up in a house and see many things, it’s also the safest place for them. After their vaccinations they move into the shelter.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they’ll make the first crucial months until they are fully vaccinated!