Rufus (adopted)

Rufus (adopted)


His new family tells: It took a little while until Rufus believed me that he really is allowed on the sofa (his half of it;) — he was/is so superwellbehaved as if not wanting to give any reason not to keep him… if only he knew ;-).
Now he definitely enjoys the comforts of a, not any, HIS cosy home ???? efcharisto poly! everybody for looking after and caring for him on Crete —more pictures coming up soon . January 2020

His story:

This is Rufus, a foster pup. You may remember him as one of the pups found with the shopping carts at the grocery store. Isn’t he handsome? He’s now fully vaccinated and waiting for his forever home. He is smart, playful, and always wants a belly rub. He’d be a lap dog if you let him!

Rufus, can’t be more impressive than that, can you? September 2019l
Rufus is a friendly dog used to visitors and other dogs, October 2019
Rember the picture of our front page? This is Rufus! Isn’t he handsome?
Now he is ready for adoption ( The other one is Poncho )

All he wants is love. He’s great with kids and has been around my cat. He would be a wonderful addition to any home.

He was born in April 2019.

August 2019
Now ready for adoption
Poncho and Rufus

We are working on training. Rufus, Lucky, and Poncho have learned to sit for treats