Update 2.8.2022:


Joni is slowly feeling better.


Joni is big, fluffy teddy bear. She´s shy with strangers, but does little happy dances for people she loves what´s the cutes thing on earth to watch. She barks to strangers at the fence, but has never ever shown any kind of aggression to any person or any other dog.
She´s great with other dogs, males and females a like.
She´ll need short but regular exercise to loose some weight.
His story:
Joni and Maria are two animals which were confiscated from a hell hole of a farm where other animals were confiscated as well.

Just after the arrival
September 2019 Pigs, chickens, rabbits living amongst shit another dead animals They are both Cautious but Joni is a bit more on the shy side. Joni is a bit antisocial where Maria is just cautious but will approach you. Give them a few months with this team and they will be happy-go-lucky.
September 2019