Margo (passed away, adopted)

Margo (passed away, adopted)

Update 16.3.2022:

Our Margo has passed.
Our sweet, peaceful angel has gotten her wings.
She was a lucky senior who had the chance to experience a home.
To experience love.
A big thank you to Celina who gave this wonderful girl tranquility and security..
She was important, respected and adored.
Bye-bye sweet Margo, you were such a pleasure, such a treat.
Thank you for your patience and your unconditional love♥️

September 2019:
Margo is now living in Denmark

April 2020:

Our lovely Margo has recovered a lot since she became part of our family. From being able to walk 50 meters one way and 50 meters the other way, she walks fast 4 km every day in the dog forest. She has become strong. She is the first to stand in front of the door in the morning and deliver her song :” Shall we soon take a walk in the woods “. We have a large fenced yard, but that’s not enough for Margo. She loves to dig for mice in the forest. She is very fond of food and she rests a lot – with loud snoring sounds. I have become her sleeping companion – she sleeps in my bed every night and looks after me. Her hearing and her eyes are weakened by old age, but her nose is more than perfect.

Her story:

August 2019:
Margo, 31.August 2019

Here is some Margo♥️for everyone asking. 
She is the animal that Maria from Maria’s Cathouse picked up and brought to the shelter in terrible condition. 
All of her physical wounds are healed and it seems that all of her mental wounds will be too.
Just look at that wagging tail.


September 2019

Latest update: Our Margo is out of danger, has been healing well and now ready for adoption!


This is our Margo.
She is the lovely old lady we had brought to us by Maria from Maria’s Cathouse. She was picked up from the streets of Kounoupidiana, old, busted, bit, infected and pretty much on her way out….

Well her spirits are up, she is going to vet everyday, we don’t quite know if she will lose her foot yet but what we do know is that Argos Animal Rescue Finland is taking over her bill and will throw in a neutering when she is good and ready!
That’s rescue, it only works when groups join forces and work respectfully.
Thanks Argos!

Margo is a xoxDOG which means he is up for lifelong foster and there is no adoptionfee.
Read more here.

She is a treasure!

She is a well-behaved patient. Let’s keep fingers crossed!


She is not dangerous; this was just the first pic and handling of her!