Sia (adopted)

Sia (adopted)


Sia lives now a happy and carefree life!

Sia June 2019, burned along her back with a caustic fluid.
Η Σία το Ιούνη του 2019, είχανε κάψει την ραχοκοκαλιά της με κάποιο καυστικό υλικό.
Sia today, running happily through the fields of Germany.
Η Σία σήμερα τρέχοντας χαρούμενη στα λιβάδια της Γερμανίας
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Her story:

Sia was found badly wounded on the 27.6.2019 in front of the shelter. Her whole back was covered with deep open wounds. She was operated immediatly and was at the vet for some time.

Now, watch that happy face! September 2019

Latest update on our little girl Sia:

25. August 2019 : Video of a very active Sia!!!

Her story:

(Warning) August 2019:

Sia is out of danger, has been healing well and now ready for adoption! Yippeeh!

June/July 2019:

She goes every day to the veterinary office to have her wound dressing changed. She has drainage tubes in the top one because it is very deep.

She gets antibiotics and lots of love from us.

She will need much time to heal.

She is kind, she is patient.

She will heal.

Getting better…

but still going to the vet every day.

Warning! Old pictures!

Her wounds need daily cleaning. The course of this is unclear;
maybe acid or maybe she was dragged behind a car.