Ariel (adopted), Shadow (adopted), Peach (adopted), Runtie (adopted) and Ralfi (adopted)

Ariel (adopted), Shadow (adopted), Peach (adopted), Runtie (adopted) and Ralfi (adopted)
Ariel, Shadow in the center, Ralfie
Ariel, Peach, Runtie
Ralfie, Ariel
Ralfie with kids, July 2019
July 2019,
This is Shadow, who has had some seizures which we believe (along with the diagnosis of a local doctor) that it has something to do with his liver. In order to confirm this and to start proper therapy he needs an MRI in Athens.
Peach (female)
Runtie is adopted – Denmark


Peach, July 2019
Ariel and Ralfie, July 2019


Runty , Peach and Ralfie are adopted.


Runty in his new home in Denmark: Just a small update on the love of my life, formerly known as Runty. Shiva is happy and healthy and still doing absolutely amazing with us in DK! ♥️ much much love and gratitude to you from us.

Ralfie with his new dad.

Peach lives now in Germany.