Antigoni (Adopted, passed away) known from TV

Antigoni  (Adopted, passed away) known from TV

Update 2.3.2022:

Antigoni, one of the most inspirational animals I have ever met in my life with the most expressive eyes that I’ve ever seen has passed away tonight.
I thank her mom Genmaus Strassenkater and dad for giving her anything and everything a princess deserves.
 I will never forget that day at the vet office when I ran into her and decided she had a lot more life to live.
And she did.
Antigoni had been hit by a car and her spine was severely damaged. She was paralyzed from the waist down. I was at the vet office to pick up some supplies when her gaze caught my eyes.
She pulled me in.
I sat and watched her mesmerized by her concentration. It was as if she was trying to hypnotize the people who walked by. I could not leave this animal behind. The vet had said, when I asked about her condition, that she was scheduled to be put down because she was paralyzed and she was a stray. Without thinking twice I told him I was taking her.
And I did.
Over the next months she began to stand on her back legs and soon after use them. Her courage and her will were to be  admired.
At her home in Germany she ran and played like every other dog, she enjoyed life to the fullest and she had a family. Most importantly she had a family.
Tonight she has gone.
Tonight she is in peace.
Her battered body need not strain anymore to keep up.
She is at rest.
Her story:

Antigoni, the dog shown on TV “Tiere suchen ein zu Hause”

Against all odds Antigoni can walk!

Her family tells: So we at home 1.15 pm. Antigoni walks around the house and then we go inside ? Six cats and a hamster wait for her ?
She eat and drink and now we go to bed so happy with our antigoni 
Thanks for saving her!

The first time in your new garden

Antigoni slow motion walk

Saturday, September 2019, morning Antigoni and the catgang are playing

Her past:

Gender: Female

Birthday: December 2013

Breed: Spaniel mix

Neutered: Yes

Color: Black and white

Size: small to medium


Description: Antigoni was set to be put down by the attending veterinarian. She was hit by a car. Her injuries included a broken pelvis, two dislocated legs and an old injury to the spine. Because she was a stray, by Greek law, if the animal cannot care for itself, it is killed. We could not let that happen.

Today Antigoni, along with rigorous physical therapy, has had an operation and is walking on three legs with the hopes that all four will be operative. She would, of course, have a much better chance of further recovery in a home environment where more treatment & physiotherapy etc could be maintained. She’s a beautiful spaniel, an intelligent, gentle, quiet, loving soul. Could you be the special person to help us save Antigoni?