Jonah (passed away)

Jonah (passed away)

Update: 27.03.2020

We are heartbroken, we are devastated, we are missing a member of our family.

This morning Jonah’s body gave up on him.
Regardless of the kidney boosters, the renal food wet and dry, the IV treatments, Jonah’s young but abused body gave up.
Jonah was an intimidating creature. Yet those who knew him knew that he was harmless (you will see him in videos with my youngest).
His worthless owner killed him a long time ago, injecting the animal with anabolic steroids in order to market him as a prime male.

He came to us almost two years ago in May of 2018 and he will never ever leave our hearts.

I cried at the vet office where I had taken him this morning.
I cried saying, “he never made it to a home”.
The vet turned to me and said that in her eyes our shelter is a home, our animals are all very loved and in excellent condition. They are neither stressed or scared. She explained “you were all just a real big family to Jonah.”

Well Jo, your really big family is in pain right now. We want you back. There will never be another one like you.

Rest in peace Buffalo❤️

Gender: Male

Birthday: April 2017

Breed: Mastiff/pitbull mix

Neutered: Yes

Color: Brown

Size: Large

Description: Jonah is a silly, goofy, funny boy who has no idea of how powerful he could be. He’s like a big puppy, friendly to people. A very entertaining & lovable dog.


He has some leg/ joint issues. He needs to go to someone who knows & understands this breed & will train Jonah in a purely loving way to ensure he can remain a good citizen & learn to be gentle & calm.

Jonah likes some dogs, he does enjoy a bit of rough play with a large female who’s up for a game!

Jonah needs an experienced handler.

July 2019, Jonah and Nelly

Nelly in her sparkly collar likes to be the boss, & it seems Jonah is happy to be put in his place. These two are so funny to watch together!!

Update: December 2019


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