Oliver <br> (Adopted)

Gender: Male


Breed: Mix



Size: Small


Description: I am OLIVER, – a boy about 1,5 years I think.

For the last weeks I’ve lived with my fostermum and her 4 other dogs.
My ‘fostermum’ tells I’m the sweetest, most gentle soul she ever have met. Also that my confidence is not so great among strangers. Matter is just that I need some time to learn to trust them.

When I’ve gotten to know you, I love to be petted. Sometimes my mum call me ” Zorro “, because of the darker mask I have around my eyes. Other times she call me ” Chocolate “. She thinks my colour reminds her of a cup of hot chocolate with cream.

I love to play with my fosterbrothers, but my closest friend is the black cat of the house.

I’ve never met young children, so I do not know if I feel comfortable with them. But I gess I will, if only they are careful with me at first.

My fostermum tells, if she is not one hundred percent sure that I will get a quiet, loving home, she will keep me herself.She tells I am a “dangerous” buddy for her, – easy to fell in love with.
I don’t know … I’m only a dog!