Apricot (Passed away)

Apricot (Passed away)

Update 7.10.2023:

Sadly she passed away on 6.10.2023.

Her story:

Apricot is an older, light brown short-haired dog with a gentle disposition. Despite her age, she is still a playful and loving companion, however, she does require patience and understanding as she has been diagnosed with Leishmania, a parasitic infection that can affect a dog’s immune system and cause fatigue, weight loss, and skin issues.

Due to her condition, she requires a secure garden with little stress and owners who are not demanding. With proper care and treatment, Apricot can continue to live a happy and healthy life.

She is the sister to Limona and Kiwi and was born in June of 2014. Though she can be shy at first, with time and patience, she will warm up and become a loyal and cherished member of the family.

Gender: Female

Birthday: June 2014

Breed: Mix

Castrated: Yes

Color: Cream

Size: Medium

Description: Sister to Limona and Kiwi.

She is Leishmania positive. You can find more information here. Please, give our leishmania dogs a chance!

Apricot, August 2019