Igor (adopted)

Igor (adopted)

Gender: Male

Birthday: June 2015

Breed: Mix

Castrated: Yes

Color: Black and white

Size: Medium

Description: Igor is one of the five brothers in the shelter, along with BaronMarlonIgor and Bado

They grew up together with a rough start to the first few years but they have come such a long way since then.

Igor has four brothers in the shelter, Osgood, Baron, Marlon and Bado.

With his long hair he´s a real beauty. He´s social with other dogs and has a good-temperament  and calm character. Among the five of them Igor is the smallest and a bit more timid.

He needs to be someone special instead of just one of the pack.  He could live with another dog or by himself but he needs to be in a loving home to show him how good life could be.

Igor, August 2019