Shep (adopted)

Shep (adopted)

Update 5.1.2022:

Shep in his new home.


His story:

Gender: Male

Birthday: October 2013

Breed: Mix

Castrated: Yes

Color: White with black spots

Size: Medium

Description:  Shep is one of those animals at the shelter that gets easily over looked.

He is very cute and such a nice dog but he doesn’t come to you the way some other dogs are, which makes him kind of invisible for many visitors.

He is sharing a pen with few other dogs and during the day the doors in between the row of pens are opened so that the dogs get more space to run around and socialize more with others. This means that Shep gets along with others very well.

He is not a dominant male. He likes to lay around in the sun and see what is happening around him. He is one of those dogs that will change as soon as he gets out of the shelter.

The environment is eating him, he doesn’t get to shine as bright as he will once he gets his own place called home, more confidence and his own person.

Shep is leishmania positive. This does not affect his life since he is getting his medicine regularly. You can find more information here. Please, give our leishmania dogs a chance!

July 2019