Goofy (adopted)

Goofy (adopted)


The happiness that I speak about that fills my heart to the point that I feel like it will explode.
The above photo is one of Goofy. Goofy had been at the shelter for many, many years.
He is now living in a home that loves him very much in Germany.
This with the help of our friends at the Tierschutz in Karlsruhe.
He hasn’t been sold to a brothel.
He hasn’t been sold for profit.
He’s obviously not being used for vivisection.
He is a good dog in a good home after some good rescuing with a lot of good people involved.
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Goofy here! Six years at the shelter, now at home in Deutschland taking walks in cool forests, having my own home and my very own person who I love so much❤️









His story:

Gender: Male

Birthday: January 2015

Breed: Hound mix

Castrated: Yes

Color: Brown and black

Size: Medium

Description:  Our lovely Goofy is social with other dogs, happily sharing his area with several others.

He’s very good with people. When you enter his pen, he gets excited & will be the first to greet you. He’s yearning for human touch.
He’s a busy dog (always on the move)& not a leader type – last year he was letting the other dogs eat his dinner, bless him.

Video of Goofy

Look at this handsome boy and his elegant movements and just in case you are wondering:

Goofy has NOT got leishmanasis!!!

But he has no tail – is that the reason why he has been in the shelter for so long? Will his luck change this year? Will there be someone who simply doesn’t care?

This dog is ideal for an active family!