Connor (Adopted)

Connor (Adopted)

Gender: Male

Birthday: June 2013

Breed: Pointer mix


Color: Black and white

Size: Large

 His story after his adoption:

In May 2018 Elizabeth Iliakis called me to ask for assistence for Connor, a Souda Shelter dog who was already living in Holland. Connors’ lifestory has not been an easy one so to say. After a terrible accident Connor lost his left foreleg.
In 2017 Connor left the shelter to live the life in Holland.
He was homed with a family. And so he lived happily ever after you would think.
It seemed that a lot had been going on there. We cannot know for sure, but the fact is that it made Connor a different dog. As soon as this became clear, Connor was taken from the family and placed at a foster home with other dogs. During a walk it seemed that Connor had a cerebral bleeding and the lady taking care of him at that time, did not feel confident that he would recover.
His life was again at stake.
That is when I got the call from Elizabeth.
We visited another vet who said that he was confident Connor could recover. But the lady taking care of Connor did not want to cooperate.
So, to make a long story shorter, we started looking for a new home. This was not easy, because every person or foster organisation wanted guarantees on his health….. while we just felt that Connor needed a loving environment to recover from his emotional injuries first.
We felt pretty desperate at that time, also because I could not take him myself. And when I told my friend Freeda in Germany, she said she could offer him a home if we (me and my other friend Eleonora) could support. So that is how we did it and still do it. It is teamwork.
We went to get Connor, and before he went to Germany, he stayed with me for a few days to recover. His whole being changed in the blink of an eye. He was so happy,friendly, cudly and he walked really fast on his three feet. (btw we were told he could barely stand on his feet)
And I remember me being upstairs worrying for Connor about the stairs at my friends house. At that moment Connor ran up the stairs to me. Just as if he would say: Don’t worry, I can do that. And he could. 

Connor is now living in Germany since June 2018 and I visit him regularly.
He has become such a healthy, happy dog. He has a garden every dog dreams of, really big ?
If you see him running, you won’t believe he has only 3 legs.
It is really no big deal for Connor. For him It is just as it is.
Seeing him now, it fills my heart with so much love, joy and gratitude; for Connor, for the beautiful people who have supported me on this (Eleonora, Freeda and her husband Tom) and of course Kaygee Freeda’s New Foundlander, who accepted Connor within a second. I think we can now truly say that Connor lives happily ever after.

Description: Connor is a familiar name to the Souda family. He was one of three Souda siblings, Connor, Smith and Myrtle, Pointer mixes, trouble makers, cutie pies. I named him Connor after Sean Connery, tall, handsome, regal.

Connor had a horrible accident in May. He lost his front leg when it got stuck on a door made of aluminum siding. Acting like a razor it cut meat, arteries, muscle clean off the bone. We had no other option but to amputate. I don’t think I had been more devastated in my life.

Connor, Smith and Myrtle were the life of the party in Souda. Every day, before, during, aftermeals, they would run. Run like a bunch of kookoos around the shelter, getting everyone crazy. Rain, shine, cold, heat, it was a ritual. This was extinguished in a day.

In a four hour operation the whole front leg was removed which had already begun to rot.
Connor would then stay about a month in my home to recover. A tough month but he made it.

Tineke, a dear friend from Holland had just come after the surgery to give me a hand at the shelter. She met the dashing dog and decided that she would foster him.

Connor returned to the shelter after living with me and was heartbroken. He wouldn’t eat or sleep for some time. Then we found a partner to get him to Tineke and now he lives happily with her fostercare.

FRIENDS IN HOLLAND interested in meeting this galant young man, contact Tineke. His forever home is still needed!

Brother to Smith and Myrtle.