Tracy (adopted)

Tracy (adopted)

Gender: Female

Birthday: June 2013

Breed: Ridgeback mix

Castrated: Yes

Color: Red with white markings

Size: Medium


This is Tracy. She is a Ridgeback mix and the sister of Trevor. They have both been at the shelter since they were puppies! Now she is getting grey hairs…

(Tracy, January 2020)

Whereas her brother Trevor loves to lie around in the sun, Tracy loves nothing more than a soft pillow and a comfy bed. You can see in the picture that she even thinks an old towel could make a nice, warm bed.

Tracy, February 2020

(Tracy, much younger…)

Do you have a home full of soft and warm spots for the Shelter’s Princess and The Pea? She’s waiting eagerly to try them out!

(Tracy was a stunning beauty…)

Tracy needs a bit of time but if she trusts someone she is very cuddly.

Sister to Trevor.


July 2019, Tracy, Kelly, Artie (foreground)