Dahlia (adopted)

Dahlia (adopted)

Dahlia, September 2020. She’s still the shy, gentle, beautiful flower that gets overlooked. 

Gender: Female

Birthday: October 2015

Breed: Hound mix

Castrated: Yes

Color: Black and brown

Size: Medium




Description: Dahlia is one of our quieter girls but when you look at her you will see just how stunning she really. When you meet her at the shelter you hardly notice her. She’s so good at keeping a low profile that you miss her beauty and the chance to own a beautiful dog who will give more to you then you will ever be able to give back.

Dahlia and Champ, January 2020
Champ and Dahlia
Dahlia and Tanner, August 2019, getting up on a hot and lazy day
Dahlia, August 2019, during the day she enjoys being in the spacious centre of the shelter