Aretha <br> (Adopted)

aretha-2Gender: Female

Birthday: October 2015

Breed: Mix

Castrated: Yes

Color: White with tan and black markings

Size: Medium


Description: Aretha, the lovely bunny-hopping girl. She is very boisterous and happy. She lights up any room.

In the winter 2015/2016 Aretha and her 3 siblings were left at the shelter in a box. Barely two months old and barely mobile their problem was not visible to us immediately. They were very healthy and boisterous. As Ozzy, Aretha, Jagger and Stevie began to grow and become much more mobile their disability became much more obvious.

All four quite clearly showed neurological problems. They have been taken to vets have had blood work done and full neurological examinations. They have had therapy with Cortisone and vitamin B shots. Aretha and Jagger have improved greatly.

Yes she has a little disability but she gets on with life having fun and just perhaps her back legs could be improved even more with the right therapy in a loving home with time for massage, swim therapy, accupressure, good vet care??

Sister to Ozzy, Jagger and Stevie.