Rasha (Adopted, passed away)

Rasha (Adopted, passed away)


It always hurts.
It always hurts so bad, regardless of how their life has turned around, regardless of how wonderful they lived in the end, regardless of how far away the dark, violent memories have been stored.
Sadly, our Rasha passed away. Happily, she passed away in a beautiful home with other good animals and a loving mom.
Rasha was an animal who had been neglected, abandoned, infected with Leishmania, traumatized mentally and hurt physically. She came to us and we never in our minds even thought that there was a chance that someone would want her.
WE adored her. Everyone who met her, adored her.
But she didn’t shine like that in the photos or in the videos. She didn’t warm your heart like she did in person.
And then the day came.
A super special human, the REAL hero of the story, opened her home and took in this butterfly.
Rasha was reborn.
She was reborn into an animal with light in her eyes, with love in her heart, with peace in her soul.
Yesterday she left us for the other side of the rainbow and we are sad but deep, deep in our conscious, we are happy.
We are happy to know that you tasted the good life, Rashashoula.
We love you special little girl. We always will.
Thank you Karin for making our craziest wish come true, to see this little angel live in a peaceful home.
Her story:

Gender: Female

Birthday: April 2010

Breed: Hound mix

Castrated: Yes

Color: Brown with black and white markings

Size: Small

Description: Tiia one of our dedicated volunteers wrote this about Rasha

Rasha ?
One of my favorite Rose in Souda shelter ? She might not be the most beautiful flower in the field and that’s why she has probably spend all these years in the shelter, but when you meet her a live and look in her beautiful eyes, you will see that her heart and nature are pure gold ?
Rasha is very sosial girl, she gets along easily with everyone and she loves people.
She is already bit elder and she has leishmania which you don’t have to be afraid of, she has regular meds for that.
This girl is a Diamond ?
Maybe this year Rasha’s luck will change and this sweet, kind, lively & happy Rose will find a forever home ???
This beautiful soul need Love and cozy bed, a home where she can spend rest of her life as a loved family member ❤️
Give her a change and please help her find a new loving home ❤️ She really deserve it ??