Quentin, a sweet and shy companion born in June 2014. Despite his age, Quentin has not yet found his forever home. He is very shy around humans but gets along well with other dogs. He is looking for a patient and understanding owner who can give him the time and love he needs to come out of his shell and build confidence around humans. He may have put on a bit of weight but with proper care and exercise, he can regain his health and live a happy and fulfilling life. Don’t let his shyness and age hold you back from giving this wonderful dog the chance he deserves. He’s been waiting for a long time to find his forever home and family who can help him to feel more comfortable around humans.

Gender: Male

Birthday:June 2014

Breed: Mix


Color: Tan

Size:  Medium

Description: Well, he has put on a bit of weight. Now he is a best ager and it is high time that he leaves the shelter. He needs someone special who goes the extra mile with him.

Quentin, February 2020

And “go” also in the literal sense. Someone who helps him loose his weight and above all introduces him to the world.

Maybe someone who also wants to do something good for his or her’s own health. Adopt Quentin and save money for a sports studio!

Tarantino and Quentin, January 2020
Kiwi, Quentin, Tarantino, January 2020
Quentin, August 2019