Butch (adopted)

Butch (adopted)

Gender: Male

Birthday: June 2006

Breed: Mix

Castrated: No

Color: Tan

Size: Medium


Great news! Butch got adopted in Finland!

Butch went to the vet as a part of the Old dogs week.

Witness his happiness when he has someone who adores him.
He flies. He dances. He smiles from ear to ear.
Butchie is a senior who has had a very difficult life. Look at his face, he’s forgotten the past.
Butch needs to spend the rest of his days in a home with a human of his own.
Souda Shelter xoxDogs.
Adopt one.
The love you receive from these seniors you’d NEVER get from any puppy. This is a fact.
Be a part of the project.

Butch is good to go!

He would be best in a home with no male dogs. He loves cuddles and hugs. He is a great doggie and one of our favorites!

Butch is a xoxDOG which means he is up for lifelong foster and there is no adoption fee.
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