Kostas <br> (Adopted)

Gender:  Male

Birthday: June 2009

Breed:  Schnauzer mix

Castrated:  No

Color:  Black

Size:  Small



Description: In the couple of years that I’ve been at the shelter I’ve NEVER let anyone near me. I usually growl and act nasty and walk away. If you try and touch me I’ll show you my teeth.
Today Elizabeth saw a different side of me. Today I allowed Elizabeth to sit with me and I even inspected her up close and personal without any defensive growls.
She did get a bit carried away and tried to pet me. That’s when I had to show her that nasty Kosta is still in the house.
Growl, teeth and walk away.
Maybe tomorrow.
Kosta is a dog that needs special owners.
He needs owners that have the time and patience to handle him. Preferably experienced owners.