Update 14.12.2022:

Jerry, a handsome Labrador mix born in April 2013. This sweet boy is a gentle soul who gets along well with other animals, but he is quite cautious and fearful around people. He may approach them for a treat, but he is not yet comfortable with being touched. Jerry is in need of a special home with an experienced handler who can understand his fear and help him build trust and confidence. He needs someone who is patient and willing to take the time to help him overcome his fears, and who can provide him with a safe and comfortable environment where he can thrive. With the right guidance, Jerry has the potential to become a loving and loyal companion. If you are an experienced handler who is looking for a special companion to share your life with, Jerry may be the perfect match for you.

His story:

Gender: Male

Birthday: April 2013

Breed: Mix

Castrated: Yes

Color: Beige

Size:Medium to Large

Description:  He is very good with other animals. He is extremely cautious with people and fearful. He does approach people and eat treats from our hands but he does not let us touch him.

Needs experienced handler.



Jerry, August 2019