Helene <br> (Adopted)

Gender:  Female


Breed:  Shepherd mix

Castrated: Yes


Size:  Large




Description: This is our knock out, Helene.

You want to hear her story told by Elizabeth:

My dear sister Nane and I had discovered her a couple months back.
Nane had come to volunteer her time, (as she has for YEARS), to photograph the animals at the shelter.
We had taken some time out to head into the city for some errands, etc.
On our way into the city we noticed this dog tied on the side of the road. We had honestly believed that the owner was probably cleaning their driveway and tied her to keep her out of their way.
Many hours later in the pitch darkness, on our return from the city, there stood Helene, restless and uncertain of her being.
That’s when we stopped the car and threw her in.
She was vaccinated, chipped, passported and READY TO GO.
We were asked to give her a Leishmania test a few hours before her flight.
She was given a QUICK (or snap) test and came up positive. She was denied travel by those who had asked for her and replaced by another dog.
A few days later, we gave her a LABORATORY Leishmania test, (much more accurate than a quick test) and it came up NEGATIVE.
She wrongfully lost her chance to leave the shelter!
This was months ago and she is still with us.
Make it right!
You, yes you.
Be a part of the project.
Turn this darling, young, joyful, smart, playful, loving creature’s luck around.
Get her OUT of the shelter and into your home, into your heart. She won’t forget it.