Frenchie <br> (Adopted)

Gender:  Female


Breed: Spaniel mix

Castrated:  Yes

Color: Brown

Size: Medium

Description: Frenchie came to us a couple years back severely traumatized, obviously very abused. We could not go near her without her literally screaming.

Hands would only cause pain in her previous life. A human hand to her was the most terrifying weapon.
For months on end Elizabeth would attempt to pet her. Just the sight of Elizabeths hand coming towards her set her off in a panic. She would scream at the top of her lungs and run to hide.

Elizabeths tells:

After more than one year, lots of patient quiet moments together, singing and discussing my personal problems Frenchie probably felt sorry for me and let me in. It started with brushing and then slowly hand rubbing. Now, when I walk into the shelter she wants a brisk back rub and then wants me to pretend that I will chase her so she can run circles of happiness.

It is complete joy to watch her run to you for some love when you arrive at the shelter.
All they need is some love and a chance. Be a part of the project. Together we can heal the hurt.