Charlie (Adopted, passed away)

Charlie (Adopted, passed away)

CharlieGender: Male

Birthday: January 2012

Breed:Hound mix

Castrated: No

Color: Black and tan and white

Size: Medium




Update: November 2020

Charly peacefully passed away.

Elizabeth writes:
My Charlie is gone.
You probably don’t know Charlie.
He was one of the original Souda dogs, way before the Shelter Project.
He was always cold and shaking.
He was always underweight.
He was one of my first Leishmania cases.
He was always getting lost amongst the shuffle of the many animals back then.
But he never allowed you to overlook him. He was vocal when he needed your attention. Or when he wanted to groan.
He would push his nose up against you when he thought it was his turn for a treat or for a hug.
He would find a warm blanket or a dirty old rug and sit on it and protect it with his life against the other dogs of the shelter.
When he left I let out a huge sigh. A sigh of relief.
This poor, deteriorated boy would go somewhere to rest his bones. To die in peace.
Yet he left and he was reborn.
For almost four years it seemed that time was running backwards and he was gaining life instead of losing it. But every so often his tormented past would poke its head and remind us that he was ill.
He could cheat his time only for a while.
Today Charlie left us.

He left his mom


and his siblings Darra, Batman and Pittu. He left his grandma



And even though he left me years ago, today he left me for good and it hurt. It hurt a lot.
Thank you Kiia for taking on an old dog, a sick dog and transforming him into a funny, goofy, teenager, even if it was for a short while.
Thanks for your courage and your strength. It takes a lot of guts to give yourself selflessly like that.
Goodbye my lovely Charlie, I hope we meet again one day. ❤️


Update: April 2020

Hey everybody! I wanted to come and share this short video with everyone because it makes my heart burst I know that there are a lot of people who know and love my old man Charlie! ❤️

Charlie is a senior dog I adopted from Souda about three years ago. He has leishmania and for the past year he’s been having urine infections and trouble peeing. Poor boy’s ding-a-ling works like a broken faucet! Drop…drop…drop…

We booked an appointment to the vet to get x-rays of his hips and bladder because another vet told me that the cause of these problems could be the tumor he had on his testicle a while back, maybe it had spread even though we castrated him. Literally the next day he got yet another infection, blood on his pee and it was Easter time so everything was closed from Friday to Monday! Luckily, we had antibiotics at home and started the treatment right away.

And because he has been so down for a long time now I couldn’t help but think that he is running out of time. So I prepared myself that on Tuesday when we had the appointment I would have to go back home without him but this old man defied all the odds. His x-rays came back very good, his blood work was great once again. So the doctor was a bit confused until we did the ultrasound and found out that he s got urinary stones. Ok that explains it…?

We started medication for it and I got my Charlie back. This baby elephant brings so much joy to everyone around him. For the longest time I haven’t seen him run, he barely wanted to walk, or play with my other dog Darra which he did today, after a year! ❤️

Keep in mind that Charlie is now about 12-14years old ?


Charlie’s story:


Description: Charlie is one of the big loves. He is a darling creature who loves people. He is a quiet animal. He is infected with Leischmania.