Zorro <br> (Adopted)

imageGender:  Male

Birthday: June 2015

Breed: Shepherd mix



Size: Medium

Description: This little guy’s name is Zorro. He is the local Souvlaki dog in Souda. He hangs out at the local Souvlaki shop. He was hit by a car and dragged some 20 meters. The guys who “took care” of him took him to the vet but after hearing about x-ray costs and surgery costs they picked him up some antibiotics and painkillers and left him back on the street.

Elizabeth, fortunately, ran into him a little before his condition would have turned fatal. The sight of the wound inside of his leg and the smell nearly floored her. She rushed him to the vet where theystarted immediate antibiotics and scheduled for an operation the next day. A plate has been put in his leg and many stitches on his lower abdomen.
And to think he was put back on the street and given antibiotics and painkillers because he would have gotten better?

A very big thank you to two superb humans from Norway, you know who you are who so kindly paid for Zorros operation.

Zorro is presently being fostered by the lovely Legaki family and will be up for adoption as soon as his leg starts looking better.