Bobby (adopted)

Bobby (adopted)


How’s Bobby?
Hi! He is doing really fine! Just as you described him: playful, clumsy and so sweet! ?
Our Bobby❤️

Bobby after eight years of being in the shelter, finally enjoying a mattress. Priceless!❤️

♥️♥️♥️HUGE NEWS♥️♥️♥️

Bobby had been with us forever.

He came to us with his siblings at about one month old.

That was EIGHT years ago.

If you crossed through our gates, you met Bobby.

He was my boyfriend.

Bobby lived through some really ugly times at the previous Shelter.

Once we took over and created the SSP his look and behavior changed for the better. But no where near as good as this…

Bobby has finally been rehomed.

He’s got an older sister, Senta (15 years), he’s got loads of room, he’s got the brand new fam♥️ AND he has an actual bed!

Times are good!



His loooong story:

Gender: Male

Birthday: June 2012

Breed: Labrador Mix

Castrated: Yes

Color: Black with white strip on chest

Size: Large

Description: Big dog enthusiasts would really appreciate this guy.

Bobby, castrated male, is a big softy. Bobby is the alpha male of the front area. Bobby is as brilliant as his blackness. More Lab than Mix, Bobby is a playful, clumsy, kooky guy.

This is Bobbys story told by Elizabeth.
A couple of years back I got a box of puppies left outside the shelter. This was never a good thing. Souda was never welcoming to pups under 6 months old. All the structures and pens are very bare and literally impossible to sanitize properly for babies. This litter was barely two months old. When I looked down into their box, it was a sea of black. Blackies… the most difficult to rehome. I sighed and went about my regular ritual of greeting them one by one and baptizing them. “Bobby, Benjamin, Betty, Bonnie and Clyde”. They were my new little babies and everyday I held my breath as I arrived at the shelter hoping they were Fighters and that they would make it through the first couple of weeks. Not only did these little monsters make it through the first couple of weeks but they made it through the first couple of years.

Now all but Bobby got new homes. He’s the type that, although almost 40 kilos, would think he could climb up on the crowded couch unnoticed. Anyone who wants give him his first experience ever of a nice, warm, soft bed?