The Souda Shelter Project needs your help!

Since 2011 the Souda Shelter has been washed with drinkable running water. This has cost the shelter thousands of dollars in water bills. Our last water bill has come to the amount of 740 euro for three months water.
We aren’t asking you to pay our water bill…

Because this is a complete waste of money, last week we went to the OADYK office and requested agricultural water. It is very cheap AND is completely okay to hydrate the animals.
Not only were we approved BUT they will also knock off an extra 50% because we are a shelter caring for dogs.
To start we purchased the meter for 174 euro.

The source for the agricultural water is almost 2 km. away.
We must purchase a plastic pipe to bring the water to the grounds.
For the length that we need the pipe is estimated at 1,000 euro cost.
Can you help us purchase this pipe?
It would save us loads of money in the long run AND when we move we take our meter and our pipe with us.

Please help us stop the unnecessary spending every month on water which could be put to better use like for a flat screen TV for Rosa…geez, priorities!
No seriously, any and every donation is appreciated.
The sooner we get the pipe in the sooner we stop the waste.

Bank info:
IBAN GR65 0690 0010 0000 0018 6013 001


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