Kira (passed away)

Kira (passed away)

Name: Kira

Date of Birth: 2010


Neutered: yes

Tatyana’s Cat House

Update 30.8.2021:

Darling KIRA is not looking for home or foster any more. She is at her forever home behind the rainbow?.
Her story:

Kira is a senior cat, more than ten years old. Neutered.

She is rescued cat, was taking care by some people in the navy base village. When those people got transferred from Crete, they didn’t take her together.

This spring 2021, after long time being in the streets she found shelter in my yard.

She was in a terrible shape. All her teeth are missing, and she was not able to find the food herself and her weight was 2 kg.

Now she is more than 4kg.

She is very affectionate cat, active for her age, using cat litter.

She can be indoor/outdoor cat, she likes to go outside for a walk and to sleep at home.

She is afraid of the other cats and avoiding the dogs, very good with the people.

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