Name: Claude

Date of Birth: May 2019


Neutered: yes

Tatyana’s Cat House


Claude Male, DOB May, 2019.

Castrated, white with ginger spots colour, short hair.

Very friendly, active kittie.

He needs definitely to find forever home in the northern country as soon as possible, because he can get ear cancer.

(White cats easily get skin cancer on their ears on Crete)

His ears started to burn from the sun, and his mother died from ear cancer.

Veterinarian doctor checked him. Doctor’s opinion is to safe this cat from the ear cancer, this cat needs to be away from the sun.

Claude likes to spend a lot of time out of house if the weather is good.

He is getting nervous with the other animals at home or kids.

So, Claude likes to be the only pet in the family.

He needs home with cat play ground or safe from the car roads area around because it’s very important for him to take his daily walks.