Sweetie (adopted)

Sweetie (adopted)

Name: Sweetie

Date of Birth: 18/04/2019


Neutered: yes

Bio: Indoor from four weeks old. Only for indoor keeping. Perfect character, calm, communicative boy. Perfect at home, perfectly using cat litter.

Health: no problem, all Tatyana’s seven kitties are getting antiparasite treatment ( tick, flea, worms), are vaccinated, castrated/neutered and healthy. They are 24 hours indoor.

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His story:

This is a family, four girls and two boys. They were born from the cat with ear cancer. This is common on Crete for white cats. The Cat came to the garden of a house and got seven kitties (Angel, Sugar, Sweetie, Nefertiti, Baileys, Beauty Queen). Six remain. When kitties got four weeks old, Tatyana got them at her home and they grow up like classical indoor cats.

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